Ambulatory Surgery

31 Jan

My 14 month old son had surgery at in the ambulatory unit at Covenant to have ear tubes placed in his ears. We were greeted by Beth, the admitting RN. She was wonderful. At first, she reminded me of a flight attendant in how she introduced us to the unit but it was done in a way that put me at ease about the upcoming procedure. The other staff was also great. They allowed me to carry my son to the operating room. I appreciated the anesthesiologist explaining how the procedure would go. He took the time to answer my questions. The hostess in the waiting room was also very friendly and offered us cookies while we waited. Danette was our post-op nurse. She was easy to get along with. My son loves to carry around unopened pop cans so Danette gave us one for me and one for my son. The staff offered snacks to myself and ensured that my son had a snack and drink following the procedure. Thank you for a great job done!!

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