Another Surgical Procedure? No way, I won’t go through it again!

28 Oct

I have had several surgical procedures doneĀ from June 16, 2010 to date, and I am still going through procedures. On October 1, 2010 I was told I had to have just one more minor procedure. That morning soon came, and I was terrified. One nurse from the Wound Clinic (Donna) spoke with me in the waiting room and assured me that everything would be fine. Soon after she left, and the residential doctor Nicole arrived in the waiting room. She took a hold of my hand and said that she understood I was very scared. As I began to cry, she assured me once again that it was a minor procedure and everything would go fine. After sitting with me for quite some time, we then went into the procedure room. She continued conversations that were silly, interesting, etc. Before I knew it, she was ready to begin the procedure with Dr. Sarsfield. Because of Nicole, and the nurses Kim and Jan, this was an experience that I will share and remember for a long time. They did not have to sedate me with any medication to calm me down. Thumbs up to each and every member of the staff that was present that day that made this an easy procedure.

Laura H.

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