Breast Cancer

19 Sep

I have had many procedures since June 29th when I had a routine mammogram at Mercy. This routine mammogram resulted in a breast cancer diagnosis. The support, comfort and excellent care I have received at Mercy and Covenant have been phenomenal. I have worked at Mercy for 37 years so my Mercy family has given me exceptional care in addition to TLC and support. Thank you Mercy family! Thank you Dr. O’Toole (family physician) and staff! Thank you Mercy OR, OP, Radiology and Lab staff! We are a great hospital!

I’ve also had a lot done at Covenant Medical Center and everyone there also gave me excellent care and treated me with compassion and caring. Thank you Covenant staff! Then there’s my surgeon, Dr. Hodges. He has been there for me since I was told I needed a biopsy. He is kind, compassionate and highly skilled. He takes time to explain things and made me feel as safe as anyone with a breast cancer diagnosis can feel. I totally trust him. Thank you Dr. Hodges! My journey has now taken me to┬áCovenant Cancer Treatment Center where I am receiving chemo. Chemo is awful but everyone there tries to make it as easy as possible. Thank you Dr. Nadi, Dr. Masri and all of the staff! Again, just thank you to everyone.

Cathy G.

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