Bunion Funion

11 Sep

I have been dreading this surgery. My experience started at the Registration desk, I walked up to the 2 ladies in bright colors and of course the names escape me lol. I asked if they were the ones to talk to and they said as long as I had cookies. The conversation rolled into me asking for cupcakes after surgery. The lady that took me to my room asked if we were friends because we were laughing so hard. Then when I got in the room the nurses all got into the act because I kept butchering the Doctors’ names. We had laughter my whole visit and I seemed to kinda forget how nervous I was. The man who put me off to lullaby land came in and he was nice and laughed right along with us, and I also met my Doctor for the first time and he was nice as well. All I can say is the visit was very positive so glad I made the choice I did.

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