Cardiac Care at Covenant is OUTSTANDING

28 Oct

Allen Hospital…eat your heart out! You can’t compare to my Covenant! I was a patient at Covenant for a Cardiac procedure and I, in no way, can describe the marvelous treatment I received while there. Michelle – you were spectacular! I have never ever had an IV inserted that wasn’t a continual painful thing to have connected to me. You put mine in, and I didn’t feel it at the time or any of the time I had it in, until it was removed. The Bear Paw gown you came up with was like a warm Angel’s arms surrounding me.

My event was delayed for almost an hour because of another emergency, and you gals kept constant tabs on me for my comfort and explanation of the delay.

Dinette (I knew from our old days at Schoitz) – I am so happy to see you as the super nurse you are today, and that you are still practicing excellence in everything you do. Getting me food when I was starving and a constant check on how I was doing.

Nicole, you are also special and what fun it must be to work with a happy caring group. Cindi I appreciated your smile and concern for my apprehension. You answered all of my questions and were a good listener.

Of course I cannot leave out Dr. Valente and his crew. I was still alert when wheeled into the cath lab and caught a glimpse of the sterile draped atmosphere and everyone moving about getting ready to do their thing. The smiling face and pleasant voice of the nurse at my head talking to me in such a kind soft voice. I don’t know any of their names but felt their concerns for my welfare.

Dr. Valente is one of a kind. He explains everything so well and takes time to listen.

I vote Covenant Medical Center as No. 1 in the Cedar Valley and will always highly recommend them to others. I love you all and send a big hug for each and everyone.

Ida S.

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