Thank you

11 Aug

On August 10 had both endoscopy and colonoscopy. I was so well cared for by Dr. Quander and Nurses: Stephanie, Georgene, Angie, Vickie, Jennifer, and Melissa. Thank you for your dedication, and giving such respectful care.

Foot Surgery

1 Jul

On June 20th had surgery to remove bone spur and callus. This surgery should have been done years ago. The nursing staff probably recognized that I was a nervous wreck. They were there to assure me everything was going to go well. Brent said he wouldn’t let anything happen to me and I felt that he wouldn’t. He introduced me to everyone on the surgical team. The chaplain, doctors and nurses let me call them by their first names so I would feel more comfortable. I’m doing well and waiting for stitches to be removed.


24 May

Had a colonoscopy everything went well. Would like to thank Dr. Wait and all the nurses: Elaine, Angela, Jen, Amy, Julie – You were great!!

Thank God for Nurses!

24 May

I was in last week for a small procedure that was monumental for me – so I could breathe better. Even though it was a short, small procedure, each nurse – Caryl in Pre-admission Testing; Nikki, my Admitting Nurse; and Danny, my Post-Op Nurse – made me feel special and well taken care of. I always knew what was happening and when – I felt safe and comfortable. Covenant should be so proud – and so should their families. Bless them all.

Thank You

11 Apr

I had a colonoscopy last Thursday, April 7. I would like to thank each and every person who had a part in my procedure. They made what might have been a very stressful experience much easier. Thank you all.

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