Thank You

24 Oct

I was fortunate to have a procedure done at Sartori on October 20, 2017. Fortunate, I feel because of the excellent care and attention received. From doctor (Dr. Mujica) to the nurses, I could not have had better service. Linda (RN) handled admission and preparation. She was patient, calming, informative, and just plain very nice. Sue (RN) handled discharge. She was both friendly and professional, providing needed discharge instructions. She offered encouragement and support. I did not meet the nurses in the procedure room. Given the little time in the procedure room, they provided efficient and effective care.


18 Sep

In late August I was a patient in the Emergency Department on two different days. On the second day, I was transferred from ED to an inpatient unit for cardiac monitoring. I felt comfortable being at Covenant from the start as staff convey caring and skill. The nurses, admissions staff, PA, and physician gave me needed attention even as they were serving other patients. They explained well what would be done. During my stay I had a cardiac stress test. Those staff, like all the others, were superb.

In early September I was at Covenant for same day surgery. Pre-admission RNs, lab and radiology staff are all very professional. The staff on the Ambulatory Surgery Unit provided exceptional and compassionate care. I was impressed with Dr. Wait. He accepted questions and put me at ease before surgery. I was surprised that he called two days after my surgery to see how I was doing.

I am very grateful to have received such caring service from all at Covenant. Thank you.

First Surgery for Six-Year-Old

11 Aug

Our six-year-old had tubes placed and adenoids removed this week. Our nurse, Danny, was wonderful with our boy! She was so comforting to him when he started crying. She let us know what would happen next and what to expect after surgery. Thank you, for taking such good care of him!

First Surgery at Age 68

18 Jul

From the first person who checked us in to the LPN who wheeled me to the car after ambulatory surgery, everyone who provided care was professional and courteous. We especially appreciate this outstanding service given that at 68 years this was my first surgery. We could not have asked for a better experience and thank everyone involved in my care.

Not Just Staff – Friends!

18 Jul

Yes, the title says it all.

I went in for a needed cosmetic surgery, and from pre-op right through recovery, all that I came into contact with were sweet and friendly. I had to use my given name for legal reasons, but when the staff found out I don’t LIKE that name, they all used the name I prefer. That was SO nice of them. The anesthesiologist really listened to my worries about ‘going under.’

Their goal is to ‘provide exceptional and compassionate care to each of our patients.’ They went beyond even THAT! Kudos and thanks to all there.

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