Knee Arthroscopy

2 Feb

On Jan 31, 2013 I came to Covenant for a right knee arthroscopy. Everyone I came in contact with was professional and caring. From Brenda, the P.A.T. nurse to Kathie at the reception area, Theresa Bovy the RN, Tony and Jeff from the O.R. and Veronica in PACU everyone treated me so well. They explained everything ahead of time and made my husband feel at ease also.
It was great care!

Catheter Ablation

1 Feb

On Jan. 22nd, I was in Covenant for a catheter ablation and everyone, I mean EVERYONE, that I had contact with was absolutely delightful, professional, efficient and caring! Dr. Rose,Nurses Gwen, Theresa, Sharon and Lisa and all of the other aides and special ladies treated me so wonderfully that I’d come back in a heartbeat…which is what they were correcting! :) (Hopefully it won’t be real soon.) Thank you.

Colonoscopy Procedure

29 Jan

My colonoscopy procedure went flawless. The Nurses cared for my comfort and well-being since the minute I stepped in the hospital. The Hospital patient waiting room is private, spacious, and well organized for the comfort of the patient and his/her companion. At the end of the test, one is given pictures of the colonoscopy for one’s records. I want to congratulate Dr. Mujica and the Sartori Memorial Hospital nurses Jan, Linda, Tannya, Tammi, and the receptionists for their high level of professionalism.

Thank you very much, Liliana

Covenant Hospital Staff

21 Jan

I recently had a small outpatient procedure done at Covenant. From the moment we arrived, everyone was very professional and helpful. Every nurse we encountered was wonderful and acted like they had all the time in the world for us. Brenda who did my preadmissions testing was very friendly and welcoming. Dushanka, my nurse who was with me the whole time, was wonderful. She calmed my nerves and was very kind and patient. My doctor, Dr. Savereide, was very informative and kind, as well. He even personally called me the next day with the results of testing done on the lump I had removed. Everyone at Covenant was very friendly and made my first surgery go by comfortably and flawlessly.

Knee Surgery

11 Jan

I would like to Thank all the great staff that took care of me, Brenda RN,preadnut testing,Beth RN admitting ,Molly b ,Patty s OR Nurses,Elvira RN Recovery Rm Nurse,Sue RN post-op Nurse.Donette LPN post op Nurse, Deb Tech. A Special THANK YOU to DR.Knudson and the Anesthesiologists,I sure hope I did’nt forget any one you were all great. THANKS Frank Strelow

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