26 Jul

Elaine, Kim, Dushauka, Heidi any other supporting cast members (after I was put under) and especially Dr. Quander – May I call you “Carline” considering our intimate relationship now? Anyway, had to find a new gastroenterologist, so first time with Dr. Q. FANTASTIC before and after, thank you for taking the time to explain it all and understand for continued prevention and best health. Professional, courteous, personable. If it wasn’t for having to drink the PREP stuff and the amount (and not eating real food for 24 hrs..WHEW!) I’d do the procedure monthly with you! Not weekly though (I DO have a life!) And you also helped get a full surgery and anesthesiology history for me NO ONE else had ever done though requested! Piece o’ cake – which besides chocolate milk is the first thing I had when I got home…then a nap. Since I was “under the influence” still upon leaving, forgot about the donuts, coffee, etc. my wife had first shot at. Improvement – maybe a doggy bag upon being wheeled out for “the impaired and anesthetically forgetful.” Keep the “care bar” raised high for all the rest, thanks much!

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