Dreaded Colonoscopy

20 Oct

OK, it had been 5 years, and I have a family history of Colon Cancer, so my Primary Care Physician (Dr. Heindl) referred me to Dr. Mujica for a colonoscopy. This was my third time, so I knew the drill. But I was still a little apprehensive, just because of the nature of the procedure. But from end to end (pardon the bad pun) the experience was made much better by the caring, professional staff that worked with me. Dr. Mujica, of course, is really good, everyone knows that. But the nice ladies who got me ready to go were very thorough, friendly, and thoughtful. Taunya, Karen, Tina, Colleen and Jo were great to me and my wife throughout the whole experience, and I was in and out in no time, without any pain or complications or discomfort. Comparing having the procedure done at the two “other” hospitals in Waterloo with having it done at Sartori is no comparison. Much less stressful, a lot friendlier staff, and an altogether better experience.

Thank you all so much for making my dreaded colonoscopy like a walk in the park.

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