Extra-Ordinary Care for Ordinary Procedure

27 Mar

Last week, my husband had a colonoscopy. Your staff has (probably) handled many, many routine procedures as this, but we have not. We especially appreciated nurses Raquel and Kim for their extra-ordinary kindness and patience before, during and after an ordinary procedure.

Thanks again.


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  1. Jenn April 10, 2013 at 2:33 pm #

    I am a person who really believes in customer service being not just doing your job but going above and beyond that is really what customer service is. There are many nurses and doctors that are caddy and speak of others while they are doing their thing making the patients wait while they chit chat. Not the case with my experience at covenant outpatient clinic with Dr. Girardi and Nurse Dushauka. and the people at the check in and registration Nurse Jen was there when I was not really with it but kudos to her as well. Dr. Girardi is amazing she answered questions I’ve looked for almost all of my life! Her level of compassion and knowledge is outstanding!!Her goal was to ensure that I was educated with the information I needed to properly care for myself. I could tell her concern Thats what great Doctors are made of! Nurse Dushauka now that’s a nurse that is in it for all of the right reasons. She put my IV in my forearm she did such an amazing job; it is not tender today Now that takes skill!! When I mentioned it to her she credited the nurses that taught her how! Now that’s humble!! Just her demeanor was calming as I was really nervous. She talked to me when she didn’t have to be talking to me, just to calm me and educate me all the while doing her job quickly and efficiently. That’s Skill with Compassion!! I felt like it was about me and not how her day was going. That’s how it should be!! I left feeling better than I did when I went in Kudos to both of you! You are what Great is made of! While both of you may have been trained by others that’s just the start of the mile it takes your effort and compassion to make the mile.. You are what great is made of! Thank you for everything!

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