Fears Erased With Such Great Care!

24 May

I had a severe ankle fracture 2 years ago in Atlanta, Georgia. The surgery was successful, however, 24 hours later I was in respiratory failure, then kidney failure, and nearly death for the next 12 days with septic shock (source of infection unknown but most likely from the operating room). While I did not know at the time what was happening to me, I was very close to death. I did survive but was hospitalized for over 40 days. Subsequently, my hip on the same leg as the ankle fracture started hurting over the past year. I was referred to Dr. Eagan for an evaluation. He stated arthritis had set in probably from the ankle fracture, and ultimately I would need replacement surgery. I was not ready for such a procedure due to my previous experience and opted to try¬†cortizone injections which would give me some relief, and hopefully time to get over my fears. I was quite frankly scared going into the operating room just to be put to sleep for even¬†five minutes. My experience at Sartori Memorial Hospital and Dr. Egan’s staff, was absolutely fabulous. This all started with a very caring nursing staff – Carla, Ann and Nancy. They all truly cared about me and made me feel comfortable. Dr. Eagan did the procedure, spoke to my father afterwards, and I was on my way home in less than an hour. I am truly grateful for this experience, and when the time is right, I will not have the fears of returning to an operating room!

I am ever so thankful to all at Sartori Memorial Hospital, even for a small procedure of a hip injection. Thank you!

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