Foot Surgery

25 Oct

Arriving in the middle of the night…ok…maybe not. It was 6:00. The check-in process was quick and easy. We were greeted by Kylie, my pre-op nurse. She was great. Friendly and easy to get along with. The lab people were quick and good at hitting the right vein. After finding out my potassium was too low, orders were given to administer it through the I.V. Ouch!!! Quite painful but the nurses were very good at picking up the I.V. flow to reduce the pain. I met the Dr. who was going to put me to sleep. She was so nice and encouraging. She said don’t worry, we will get the level up there. Dr. Moreali arrived with a million $$$ smile and said…relax, don’t worry, I am here and nowhere else to go. We will get this surgery done! We did…all the O.R. nurses were the best! It was a good experience…ok…the best experience surgery could be. Thank you Covenant nurses and staff!!! Now if I can just get rid of the crutches…

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