Friends Caring For Friends

1 May

I had some GI tests on 4/28/15 and I was very nervous…surprisingly so since I’m a nurse & have had some of these tests done before. My procedure became as pleasant as having lunch out with old friends! Not only was my inital nurse, Holly, an old neighbor, but Kathy and Jo, my other nurses knew my husband. I had just excellent care. Cozy warm blankets, warm socks. Quick intake and quick to the procedure. No time for fretting! And I usually need muliple sticks to get an IV in me and they got it on the very first try! What an expert!!Every step of the procedure was explained…even though I was familiar with it all. Talk about being surrounded by friends in your time of need! I’ve always had great care at Sartori. It seems as if you’re never a stranger when you go to your community hospital. I’d never go anywhere else. But special thanks to Holly, Kathy and Jo!

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