Girl Surgery

14 Apr

Between having children here and having surgeries to repair my bladder, hysterectomy and laproscopies for scar tissue, I’ve felt like they have to be sick of me by now. But each time I come through everyone is fantastic. Compassionate. Informative. And fun. Surgery is stressful, fearful and brings high anxiety. No matter how many you have. The forms you have to sign that warn you of all the bad things just increases that stress. The nurses always help me relax. My husband and I usually laugh and feel at peace when they wheel me away from him. This last time specifically – Jo and Michelle took care of me beforehand and were great. Michelle gave me the best IV experience I’ve ever had. I usually dread them. The ladies in the OR (from what I remember) were kind and relaxing. Dr. Onuibo has my full trust and confidence and is always on top of his game. In recovery, Lisa shined. She made my husband and I feel like her only patient in the whole wing. She was so fun and helpful. Although I pray I won’t need any surgeries ever again, I will recommend you to any family or friends who may need surgery. Thanks everyone. Here’s to living life pain free!

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