great experience

9 Jan

On November 14th my 3-year old had to have tubes put in her ears. I was so nervous, but it’s an everyday procedure, just probably like any other surgery. But as a mom you still worry about your kids. The doctors and nurses were amazing and I couldn’t have asked for a better staff. The nurse that first came in and got us from the waiting room was awesome. I think her name was Shelly (it was the admitting nurse).  She described the procedure so well and was just a delight to be around. Then the nurse named Danny (or Danielle) was awesome too! They could get nurse of the year awards because they were just so nice. Everytime I go to the doctor, if I ever have to go again, I wish I could pick them.  The other doctors were great too, they all were very friendly and helpful in explaing what was going on. That staff is the best staff I have ever dealt with in my 27 years, and of my kids years. So again, I would like to thank Judy, Shelli, Paula, Amy, Jeasa, Dr. Solomen, Danny (Danielle) and of course Dr. Rotenburg for all your help and support with making our couple hours there a great experience.

Amanda H.

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