Great Staff

1 Apr

I would like to share my recent visits to the Outpatient Clinic with everyone. I had to go in for IV treatments 3 days in a row and I can tell you I wasn’t looking forward to sitting there for 4 – 5 hours while getting it done each day. Let’s just say the other than finding a parking spot, it all went very well. I have to say your Nursing Staff makes it as pleasant of an experience as possible. The first day I had Cathy and she greeted me in the waiting room with a smile, and filled me with information as we walked to my room. She then asked if I needed anything before we got started. I had to compliment her on her ability to insert the IV without pain and she made me as comfortable as possible, and continued throughout the day. On day two, again I was greeted with a smile and walked to my room by Connie who helped me with my IV and again asked how yesterday went, how my evening went, if I had any questions and even if she could get me a refill on my coffee. Angela assisted , ordered my lunch and helped throughout the day as did many of the staff members. (Angela did a fine job cooking the Turkey that day for lunch). I just have to say how impressed I was at the professionalism of your staff and how they all worked together looking out for the patients’ best interest. I’m actually looking forward to going back in for day 3 treatment.

Mike S.

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