Greatness Turned a Nightmare Into a Happy Ending

21 Jan

Most people take the health care industry for granted…not giving it much thought or appreciation until they need it. We don’t realize what physicians and health care providers go through until we see it firsthand. Every parent’s worst nightmare became a reality for me — I was holding our four week old baby when he stopped breathing and went completely limp. His skin turned an awful color. I ran to the phone and dialed 911….as the dispatcher talked me through infant CPR, he dispatched the Sartori paramedics, police and firefighters to our home. They arrived in a matter of minutes. Our baby, Dylan, was whisked away to Sartori in the ambulance. When we arrived, the entire ER team was working to stabilize him. Before we could go into the ER, we sat in the waiting room, worrying and fearing the worst. While we waited, several nurses, the chaplain, and a paramedic came in to talk to us. Even though they weren’t able to give us new or specific information, just having someone come to talk to us was a huge comfort. Just knowing that Dylan was receiving great care and they were doing everything they could was so comforting to hear. Everyone at Sartori was fabulous! They were so compassionate, caring, sympathetic and very professional. Mike Hall, one of the paramedics, did not trust the machine to administer the correct amount of oxygen for a four week old, so he stood there for HOURS, hand-bagging the oxygen for Dylan.

Our (Covenant) pediatrician, Jodi VanSickle, came over to Sartori (on her day off) to help. Because Sartori recognized that this case was more than they were equipped to handlle, they made the (excellent) decision to transport Dylan to Iowa City by helicopter. Dylan arrived at UIHC where he had successful surgery to repair his aorta. After surgery, we were shocked to learn that we’d be able to do all follow-up right where we live — at Covenant Medical Center. We thought we’d be driving back and forth to Iowa City several times a year for Dylan’s check-ups. We are so fortunate to have pediatric cardiologist, Dr. Samir Chandra in Waterloo! He is fantastic! He always explains everything to us very thoroughly, and in terms we can understand. At every check-up, he gives us a diagram of what Dylan’s heart looks like, and makes notes on the diagram as he explains everything to us. He is very thorough and takes great care with all of his patients and their parents! It’s very evident he cares a great deal about his patients; his demeanor and bedside manner are so great!

When I think of “What great is made of” I think of Wheaton Franciscan — Sartori ER, paramedics and Dr. Chandra and his staff of caring experts! We are truly blessed to live in the Cedar Valley with access to the BEST medical care! Thank you!!!!

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