Hope for Tomorrow

19 Jun

I am a patient of Dr. Valente. He saved my life, and has given me real hope for tomorrow. He really does care for his patients, and cares if you live or die. His staff is awesome, and are truly caring people, who sacrifice their family lives to meet the needs of his patients. He, his family, his staff and their families make the ultimate sacrifice to provide 7/24/365 service. I want the world to know there are none better! He is so modest, but do not let his quiet spirit fool you. If your life and future is at stake, take him and God into the operating room! I am telling you the absolute truth, he is the complete best, and as good as it gets on this side of heaven. A special heart felt thank you to him and his staff! A BIG THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO DAILY! We are so blessed to have him in small town Iowa. I pray continually for him and all those that support him. He does not know I am writing this, but someone will be blessed by this as I was and am. He gave me more quality time here on earth. I am speaking to someone like me who was searching for the highest of quality! God bless you Dr. Valente!!! I have heard so many others sing his well deserved praise.

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