Surgical Experience

21 May

This past Friday was my first surgical experience in twenty years and I was a mess! I had a uterine fibroid giving me all kinds of trouble, and Dr. Girardi, recommended its removal.

I’m not sure what I was scared of now having gone through it.

From the pre-admission screening with Julie, RN to my post-op experience, everything went swimmingly. Julie called and said we could do pre-admission over the phone as no blood work was ordered, saving me an early trip in the day before surgery.

Brandy, my admitting nurse, was calm and collected, even amidst my obvious anxiety. She did her job efficiently and expertly and in quick time.

My OR nurses, Diana, Kari and Carin were all pleasant, although I did not have a lot of interaction with them before the anesthesiologist made me go nighty-night.

My post-op nurses, Leah and Tasha were on the ball, especially when my BP started to plummet, apparently from a blocked IV that required flushing.

Although I was hesitant and scared for the procedure, the care that I received quickly outshone the fears that I had, and I would recommend the care of this staff to anyone who had to surgery. From admission to post-op I was in and out in four hours time and home for weekend recovery.

Top-notch, this crew!

Thank you so very much!

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