I'm proud to work with and serve with Dr. McMahon

29 Sep

I am fortunate to know Dr. McMahon as a colleague, as his patient and as a mission worker. Over the years, I have seen Dr. McMahon listen closely to nurses when they call with information about his patients. He demonstrates concern and caring as an appropriate plan of care is worked out between the nurse and doctor. I have also experienced that same compassion and understanding as a patient of Dr. McMahon’s. His kindness and sense of humor helps people manage through all kinds of situations. Lastly, I know Dr. McMahon as a person who lives to serve others, not only through his medical work, but also through his church. He has taken many trips to serve others throughout North America. I have worked with him to provide outdated medical equipment that will help improve medical care in some of countries where he has taken mission trips. I’m proud to work with and serve with Dr. McMahon.

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