Knee Replacement

14 Jun

I am a 57 year old male patient of Dr. Knudson’s who had knee replacement on April 13, 2010. I have had trouble with my knee for years. I can’t tell you how I felt that day of surgery – I was very uptight not knowing how things were going to be. Yes, I went through pre-surgery education, and yes, it gives you some idea as to what was going to happen, but it’s not always what really happens.

The frist group of people I met was the nursing staff. They got me ready, and boy, those people got me calmed down. As time went on, Dr. Lane came in and talked to me about putting me to sleep. Next thing I was on my way to surgery. Before I knew it I was in my room on 4G with a replacement and the staff on 4G was just great. EVERYONE was just great to help me with my needs both at home and in the hospital. I had requested the Care-A-Van take me to physical therapy after I was dischanged. That was nice to be picked up at my door and then get dropped off at home when I was done, or after a doctors appointment. The staff on 4G had lined up times before I was dischanged for the Care-A-Van to pick me up for my therapy appointments. The staff at outpatient physical therapy at the Kimball Ridge Center have been just great – yes they push me a little bit, but thank you – sometimes people need to be pushed to get some place.

Now since this is all behind me I will not fear the unknown next time. THANK YOU ALL…Bill

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