Knee Surgery

8 Jun

As soon as I heard that I had to have knee surgery it was a scary thought. I am 14 years old and I messed my knee up tearing the meniscus and my ACL. I went to the hospital on pins and needles and was so very nervous (the staff probably couldn’t tell, but if you only knew what was going on inside of me). I have to tell you that I really had nothing to worry about –¬†everyone from the time I walked through the doors until I had my silly juice (I need some of that for home), and went to the operating room, I was made to feel special and everyone was super. I want to thank all of you –¬†Sue, Elvira, Lisa, Josh, Hoh (anestegeologist…sorry that’s all I can remember of his name) and my doctor, Dr. Naylor, for helping make this bad experience into (I’m not saying pleasant) a memorable experience. Now when I come back next year to have my ACL repaired make sure that you have the silly juice ready!! Thank you all again. You are an awesome group of people.


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