28 Dec

On December 10 I had a surgery. I have no family in Iowa, only two boys, and although they knew of my surgery, they were busy with their own lives. So I come alone to my surgery. I was asked where my family was and I told the nurse that I was alone. I have a room and while I was waiting for surgery, I started to be afraid, and I felt so lonely. I was wishing someone of my family was with me, but I was never alone.  The nurses kept coming to my room asking if I needed anything. Ihad a chapel lady who came to my room to pray for me. That day the nurses who took care of me – everyone – was so nice, making sure that I was comfortable – I couldn’t have asked for more.  Thank you for Dr. Weno, Karen (RN), Margaret (admissions nurse), Ashley (RN), Danny and all the surgery staff who made me feel that I was not alone.

Thank you. Leonila G.

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