Outpatient Surgery

13 Jan

Covenant has been & remains the best! From the pre-admission RN, to lab personnel, Dr. NAYLOR & his office staff, the outpt. admitting nurse, the anesthesiologist, OR team, the pharmacy on site…you all made my knee surgery a totally pleasant experience. I have a very complicated, extensive medical history, & you all helped me to feel so at ease, I am truly unable to express my grattitude by just saying THANK YOU. For the 1st time in a long while, my recovery from a surgical procedure is AHEAD of schedule. You all were very informative, answered any/all questions thoroughly & eased my concerns so quickly. I never had to use my call light once! My left knee is doing great, pain easily controlled, & I am thrilled with the outcome. My husband was very scared & you all made him feel comfortable. Thank you for that. It’s not to say that I look forward to anymore procedures or surgeries I may need to have in the future, but Covenant is the only place I want to be admitted to, given the choice. Again… The biggest THANK YOU TO EACH & EVERY ONE OF YOU FOR THE BEST TREATMENT ALWAYS! Keep up the excellent work.

Sincerely, Jody P.

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