Outpatient Surgery

29 Jul

My 13 year old recently had outpatient surgery at Covenant. Her physician was Dr. Hines and her nurses were Donna, Amy, and Traci.

Everyone was wonderful to her and helped make an emotionally traumatic surgery into a positive experience.

Traci wasn’t assigned to my daughter but offered to start the IV so her nurses could prep the room. Typically, it has taken four or more tries to get IV’s in her, but with the use of ultrasound she did it in one attempt and with minimal pain. I was very impressed with Traci’s positive attitude and willingness to help out her co-workers even though it wasn’t her responsibility/job. She also offered to start their next patient since hers wasn’t here yet!
Throughout her surgery, my daughter reported that Amy wiped her tears with a kleenex and held her hand, which really made her feel comforted, safe, and almost as if I was in the room with her. These individuals truly made a difference for us! Thank you Dr. Hines, Donna, Amy, and Traci!!!

Amy H.

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