Tests…MANY! Personal Experience at Covenant…Way Beyond Expectations!

16 Nov

It started with routine, though comprehensive, lab work at Arrowhead in Cedar Falls. ordered by Dr. Sandell, my family physician. Though I have had chronic back pain issues for many years as well as difficult to help neurological problems, my Doctor has never given up trying to find causes and solutions to my conditions. Dr. Sandell studied the many, many blood test results ordered and found every single one of them to be within normal ranges….except one. One, of a truly voluminous number of results. This one result caught by Dr. Sandell caused to suggest that I visit a ‘blood specialist’ so that he could look at this one result and offer his take on it. This ‘catch’ began the beginning of a long series of further blood and urine tests, even including a bone marrow test. Doctor Nadipuram and his remarkable staff ultimately discovered what appears to be the very beginning of a cancer condition. The unbelievable treatment I received from Dr. ‘Nadi’ and every one of his staff members exuded confidence, professionalism, and an obvious personal concern in me and my situation. I have since had many other tests at Covenant and have found exactly the same attributes in every single contact I have had with the people at Covenant, from the receptionist, to the lab techs, to the nurses to the doctors. I feel very fortunate to have each of these wonderful professionals looking after me. The attitudes and abilities I have seen in everyone there is obviously part of the culture there. Thank you so much for caring. I am truly blessed.

Routine Scope

23 Oct

I had nurses Raquel, Chris, Jen, and Kaylen for my routine upper scope. All were pleasant and asked continually if I needed anything. Thank you.

Cardiac Cath

23 Oct

I went in for a Cardiac Cath on Monday 10/19/15 with Dr. Valente. My day started out with my pre-admission nurse Margi and then my admitting nurse Theresa who started all the pre-exams and tests before my Cath procedure with Dr. Valente. Then I was brought to the Cath Lab by Dr. Valente’s awesome nursing staff, all were very nice and I can’t say enough about Dr. Valente, he is the greatest heart doctor out there, I just think the world of him. Everything went well for me. I really appreciate Lisa and the nursing staff for their compassion, and for my brother and my sons who came to support me. My stay was awesome. I will recommend Covenant Medical Center and Dr. Valente my heart doctor to all my Family and Friends. God Bless you all.

Wonderful Care From Cardiac Cath Crew

29 Sep

I went in for a cardiac cath on Wednesday Sept 9/23/2015 with Dr. Valente. My long day started off great with Jodie (my pre op nurse), as she made me feel comfortable and got my morning started with all the needed pre exams and tests before the cath. She was very nice and knowledgeable on any questions or concerns that I had. Then I was brought down to the cath lab by Dr. Valente’s awesome nursing staff who all were very, very nice. And of course I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Valente!! The greatest heart doctor out there!! I just love that man! He is the best! I also want to give my appreciation out to my post op nurse Jodi, she was also very, very kind and helpful as I came out surgery. In closing, all went very well for me that day and I’m happy to say my cath went very well and I owe that all to the great staff, nurses, and my guy Dr. Valente, at Covenant!!

Bladder Surgery

29 Sep

Hi Everyone –

Just wanted to tell you folks of the great care and treatment I received from Dr. Richardson and all of your nurses. Not a pleasant surgery but you folks sure made it a lot easier. I am doing well and many thanks to Jodi, Colleen, Mary, and Lisa. Thanks for the note, Shelli. Have a dynamite day.

– S. Mauer

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