Surgery Success

25 Jan

I had a very good experience before and after surgery. My pre-op nurse was Stephanie and she explained everything in terms I understood. Michelle was my admitting nurse and made me feel comfortable and prepared me for what was ahead! I don’t remember my recovery room nurses very well as I was pretty sleepy but Chery and Babette did a great job. Susie made sure I was ready to go home and gave me the doctor’s instructions and sent me on my way!!

Merry Christmas!

28 Dec

Minor procedures they were but 3 times in 7 weeks in the OR was pleasant to say the least! Awesome staff from the front desk back to the parking lot, all smiling friendly professionals that don’t get thanked enough. Many faces were recognized by the 3rd visit but thanks again, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Skin Cancer

28 Dec

Had skin cancer. Dr Bernard and his staff were the greatest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Colonoscopy Test

11 Dec

My care givers were exceptional, would recommend them to anybody.

Cataract Surgery

7 Dec

Such a great experience from the staff of care takers!

Thank you: Margi, Sefrica, Danny, Patty, Sena, Melissa T., Melania

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