Cardiac Rehab

14 Mar

In July of 2012 I experienced a heart attack while out of town which resulted in stent placement and the Cardiac Rehab program at Covenant. The exceptional staff were great in getting me on the right track for a healthier me! On February 5, 2014, I had another stent placed and again the cardiac staff had me back on my fitness track within a week! THIS is what great is made of…professional, dedicated, positive, caring people who love doing what they do best! Thank you, Staff, for another success story for me….

Back Surgery

3 Mar

My husband had back surgery with Dr. Ryken on Feb. 20th 2014. He was in the hospital 3 and a half days. We thought Covenant Hospital was a wonderful experience. Everyone who tended to him on 4th floor was fantastic! We both had lots of love and care and the food in the cafeteria was fantastic too. Thanks to Marek Rozek and the whole staff!


21 Feb

I had a Colonoscopy on 02/10/2014 and it was a great experience from my nurse Mary at my consultation and with Dr. Carline Quander through my procedure!!! My surgical nurses were Jan, Angela, Kathy and Julie and they were excellent. I want to thank the whole team for their excellent care!!!


17 Feb

I was very glad that I went to Covenant to have my surgery because I received the best treatment from the surgeon, the surgical team, nurses or anyone who was involved. I am awfully glad I went then as I was worried about having cancer. Thanks to everyone.

Eye Surgery

17 Feb

This started out with a normal eye check-up for my glasses and I went straight from there to an eye surgeon and from there he set me up to have eye surgery that very night. Upon arriving the front desk person knew my name when I told her and had all the paper work waiting I then went to lab and then up to surgery and the staff there was waiting for me. I was taken to a room to get ready and the two nurses Jo & Gina were very nice and made me feel very comfortable. Then went down to the surgery room and again was taken very good care of. So I would like to thank all the staff for all they had done for me.

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