Professional and Caring Staff

2 May

A big thank you goes out to the doctors and staff who conducted outpatient care to me. Elaine, Connie, Barb, Angela, Kim and Dr. Quander all showed professionalism, and at the same time, compassion and caring. I highly recommend their services.

Minor Surgery with Major Care

2 May

I wish to thank all the staff that made my back surgery a great story instead of a scary story. Ashley, Julie, Denise, Danny and Dr Wickman plus others I don’t have names for, made a possibly stressful and scary experience in my life a very positive thing to remember with out a lot of trauma and many positive memories. By the way, the back pain is really improved. Thanks again.


29 Apr

I want to thank the fabulous surgical team that assisted w/ my knee surgery @ Sartori (Kristin, Gina, Rachel, Cindy, Lisa, Sue, and Dr. Eagen)! The care received was exceptional and the logistics of my procedure were seamless. The team had a great comradary which provided for as about as relaxing as a surgical procedure one could have! Thank you!


29 Apr

I just want to thank the staff that took me into their care during my surgery. I couldn’t have ask for a more caring team. Margie, pre- admissions & Brandi, post-op were just great. They both took the stress away of having another surgery. Thanks for all you did for me.

Outstanding staff

18 Apr

My nine-year old son recently had a quick outpatient procedure on his nose. I cannot say enough about the fantastic treatment he received, starting from the staff member who held the elevator for us when we walked in the door. Margie in pre-admissions was a ray of sunshine early in the morning and Jodie, our admitting nurse and post-op nurse, was able to put my son at ease with her fun personality and constant communication with what was happening. Dr. Kippes did a nice job with stopping by to explain her role to my son and what he would experience with anesthesia. His procedure went flawlessly (Dr. Rotenberg) and the overall experience was very positive.

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