Extra-Ordinary Care for Ordinary Procedure

27 Mar

Last week, my husband had a colonoscopy. Your staff has (probably) handled many, many routine procedures as this, but we have not. We especially appreciated nurses Raquel and Kim for their extra-ordinary kindness and patience before, during and after an ordinary procedure.

Thanks again.


My surgery day

25 Feb

My mother-in-law had surgery last week with Dr. McMahon. He and the nursing staff of Cindi, Michelle, Tasha, volunteer staff, etc. were great. Her surgery was delayed for almost 2 hours but still things went well. She said she would come there again if needed.


18 Feb

Last Tuesday I had a very minor procedure completed by Dr. Eagan. Nevertheless, I was a bit uptight about having to go into the OR and all that was involved with the procedure. It couldn’t have been a more pleasant experience than it was. Thanks to EVERYONE who assisted in ANY WAY with the procedure!!!!

Great Caring Staff!

8 Feb

I just had outpatient surgery yesterday for a torn meniscus. From the very beginning I was impressed with the professionalism and caring shown by everyone. I would like to personally thank all those I came in contact with, Marj in pre-admission, Tina in pre-and post-op, Nancy in holding, Kym, Nicole, Steve, Dr. Hohenstein, and Dr. Eagan in OR (and whoever else was there that I didn’t notice), and Nicole and Lisa in recovery. I feel so blessed that we still have a hospital in Cedar Falls that is large enough to provide the care we need, but small enough to make each and every patient feel like s/he is the most important person on the day’s schedule. Congratulations and many thanks!

Covenant Nursing Staff

6 Feb

My 17 year old had a surgical procedure today that was a little scary for her. I was amazed at how attentive, caring and beyond lovely her nursing staff (Elaine, Julie and Jen) were to both of us. They asked me several times if I wanted something to drink or some coffee as though my needs were their primary worry! They were busy enough taking care of patients and Rachel but I was so appreciative of their attention to both of us as we were their “guests”. This staff is TOP NOTCH!!

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