Cataract Surgery

22 Oct

This morning, October 22, I had my first cataract surgery. Since I had never before had surgery on my eyes, I was a little uptight, not knowing exactly what was going to happen. Those who cared for me, however, were wonderful, in answering my questions, reassuring me, and being very gentle. Thanks a million to Julie, Sharon, Melissa, Sara, Paula, Elaine and Sofika, as well as all those behind the scene who helpd to make the experience at Covenant such a positive one. Blessings on your continued work ministering to others.

Thanks for the great care

8 Oct

On September 26, I had an outpatient procedure, closed manipulation under anesthesia to treat a frozen shoulder. I just want to say thanks to all the staff, but most of all to my nurse, Marybeth, for such wonderful care. The patient care I received was excellent and everyone was so kind and put me at ease. Thanks for making the experience as pleasant as possible!

Successful Knee Replacement

24 Aug

I could say my experience in one word, OUTSTANDING, but I would like to tell you why. Info about me: Lynn Petersen, 215 Ardis St., Hudson, IA. My operation, a total left knee replacement, was on Monday, the 13th, at 7 AM. Surgeon was Dr. Christopher Eagan. My room was 306B. Before my operation, Dr. Eagan had worked with me for years. He scoped my knee twice and used other medical choices after the two knee scopes. After I felt it was time to do something different, Dr. Eagan suggested a total knee replacement. As I stated he ‘suggested’, he let me know it was up to me on what I would like to do next. We were both in agreement the surgery was my next step.

Everything which led up to my operation was a great experience. All the people I was in contact with were very professional and very helpful. On the morning of my operation, everyone did their job of asking me who I was, my date of birth, and why I was there today. Please inform Dr. Eagan and his staff, they did an outstanding job. Now to the nurses, they were professional, kind, friendly, sympathetic to my needs, and willing to go ‘above and beyond’ what would be expected of them (in my opinion). Amazing nurses!
Your food and cleaning personnel were very friendly. They always came in with a smile on their faces (includes nurses too). I informed the lady, who delivered the food, it was very tasty. The kitchen staff need to be commended for their food choices and the flavor.

toe surgery

24 Aug

Monday I had minor surgery on my big toe. I was scheduled first that day and was supposed to be there at 5am, my alarm malfunctioned, possibly due to never being used. I woke up at 5, brushed teeth, got dressed and we were on our way from Dunkerton, not knowing if I would be in time to still have my surgery done. Jill, my pre op nurse, gave me a call half way there and nicely assured me that I would indeed be able to have my surgery. That set me at ease right off the bat. The rest of my experience was just as enjoyable, with Danette tending to me after.

My care at Covenant Medical Center

24 Aug

I had a procedure done on August 1st with Dr. Quander. I want to sincerely thank all who gave me outstanding care: Jan, Jeremy Amber,Daina and Dr. Quander.
Then on August 8th with Dr. McMahon – I had a surgery and would like to thank those who gave me more outstanding care: Gwen,Michelle,Denise, Melissa and Dr. McMahon.
Last but not least I had another surgery on August 15th with Dr. Knudson and again outstanding care from: Danette, Ashley,Skip, Deb and Dr. Knudson.
I sincerely want to Thank you all for my experience at Covenant Medical Center.

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