30 Nov

Our daughter had a lumbar puncture done on 11/29, and for obvious reasons, she was very scared. Her nurse, Donna, treated her with such compassion; she treated her as if she was her own child. Her and the anethesiologist, Dr. Naslenes, explained everything every step of the way; from opening the kit down to every part of the procedure. We felt very well taken care of! Thanks to both of you….

Great Care!!

26 Nov

I would like to say thanks to all the wonderful staff at Sartori. Special thanks to Dr. Stanford and the surgical team (Sabrina, Nicole, Kathy and all the surgical nurses)for the awesome care during my knee surgery on the 19th. Also Marj in pre-admissions for the call, Melinda (great IV and care),Linda and Mary Beth for the great care and help after my surgery. You are all EXCELLENT!!


15 Nov

I was scheduled for surgery 11/2 with Dr Glascock. I was a bit nervous leaving my home town surroundings and coming to Sartori in Cedar Falls for the surgery. I can not thank everyone enough for the AWESOME care I received. My surgeon and anesthesiologist were top notch! The nurses from OR, ASU to 3rd floor were all phenomenal! Lab and xray were great! I stayed for 2 days after my surgery and was treated so well. I would not hesitate to tell anyone that Sartori is top notch and would recommend anyone to go there! Thank You!


9 Nov

I needed a yearly mammogram, bone skan, colonoscopy. Every thing was scheduled for the same day,very good, I arrived around 8:15,went to 4th floor,receptionist was extermely helpful in explaning medicare coverage for bone skan.Nurse made me feel very much at ease through both exams. Then went to 2nd floor, admitting nurse helpful in getting a ride home, i had forgotten i needed one, Everone was so friendly and professional and made the colon exam as comfortable as possible. Thank you to Chris, Georgina,Daina,Donna,and Julie also the nurse in mammorram area ,i didnt get her name, also Thank you to Dr. Mujica, he made me feel really at ease. WONDERFUL JOB!!


5 Nov

Although my experience and treatment on November 1 for an outpatient surgery was VERY positive, I especially would like to commend Theresa for the quick and easy IV placement. Some of my previous experiences have been much less than pleasant. Also, the girls from physical therapy were very nice and helpful with instructions on how to use crutches for my first time. Overall, my experience at Covenant would rate very close to a “10.” Thanks to all.

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