Heartfelt thanks

11 Jul

Little did I know when I went for a stress test in early May that I would leave the hospital the next day with three stents in my heart. I’m thankful for pro active doctors (Dr. Brian Burnett and Dr. Maqsood) who addressed the problem quickly. I also am thankful for the great staff in cardiac rehab (Linda, Katie, Polly, Bridget and Mary) who were patient, caring, considerate and kind. They made the healing process a pleasant experience.

Thanks to all of the Covenant staff.

Fear Is Just A Four Letter Word

30 Jun

On Monday, June 26, 2017, I experienced a surgery that I went into full of fear, which is normal for a sixteen-year-old girl like me. In a matter of minutes after checking in to Covenant that morning, my fear was lifted.

I was getting surgery on my eyes to stop the double vision from occurring in my left eye. Sounds scary right? Honestly, I was worried for absolutely no reason, since I had AMAZING care from the group of people who took care of me that day at Covenant. My RN, Sue was probably the one who took away most of my fear. I told myself that day I was not going to cry in front of my family, but I let the tears go in front of her and she knew just how to make me feel better. I know that I could not have gotten through that day without her. After meeting her, the more people I met just kept getting better and better. My anesthesiologist, Dr. Jackson was super cool as well. He reminded me of Dr. Jackson Avery off of Grey’s Anatomy. He also knew my Great Great Aunt Shirley Pries who also works at Covenant, so I thought that was pretty cool as well. Another person that stood out the most was one of the women in the OR. I cannot remember her name but she used to play the oboe and I thought that was cool since I currently play the oboe for the Waterloo West High Band.

All in all, I would just like to thank everybody who took care of me that day. Everyone was so kind and compassionate, just like they should be. Through their kindness, they taught me that fear is just a four letter word and when you are under the care of the amazing staff at Covenant Medical Center, fear does not exist.

Trigger Fingers

19 Jun

Good Job!!

Wayne in X-Ray

6 Jun

I was very nervous because I was having a heart procedure. Wayne was my Chest X-Ray person. When he saw I was curious about what was going on, technically, he explained everything to me, and when he saw I was fascinated he took me back to show me my X-rays and explain something about the machinery. He took that extra few minutes to give me a positive memory on that stressful day.

My Carpal Tunnel Surgery

24 Apr

I received the best health care ever at my outpatient surgery. I moved to the area about a year ago and chose Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare providers, which I believe was a Divinely inspired decision. All the nurses were very comforting and calming with a little humor, too, and the doctor did a great operation which has restored my hand to functioning very good and with results beyond my expectations.  I Thank You All at Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare, God Bless You!

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