28 Dec

On December 10 I had a surgery. I have no family in Iowa, only two boys, and although they knew of my surgery, they were busy with their own lives. So I come alone to my surgery. I was asked where my family was and I told the nurse that I was alone. I have a room and while I was waiting for surgery, I started to be afraid, and I felt so lonely. I was wishing someone of my family was with me, but I was never alone.  The nurses kept coming to my room asking if I needed anything. Ihad a chapel lady who came to my room to pray for me. That day the nurses who took care of me – everyone – was so nice, making sure that I was comfortable – I couldn’t have asked for more.  Thank you for Dr. Weno, Karen (RN), Margaret (admissions nurse), Ashley (RN), Danny and all the surgery staff who made me feel that I was not alone.

Thank you. Leonila G.

Cardiac Cath

13 Dec

I want to thank the staff for the excellent care. What a team! All were fantastic! Your bedside manner is so wonderful, answering all of my questions and putting me at ease. Special thanks to Lisa, my Post-Op Nurse.
Lisa, you have a personality that I could only dream of having! You handle everything so smoothly… You are a GEM! You are worth a million dollars to Covenant! I hope they know that! Keep up the good work!

Mary S.

1st Time Surgery

2 Dec

I would like to thank all of the nurses that I had the pleasure of meeting yesterday. It was the first time I had had any type of procedure or been under any type of anesthesia and was pretty nervous. They all kept me very much at ease and offered me whatever I needed.

I’d like to personally thank my admitting nurses..Kathy, Beth and Stephanie. As well as the surgery nurses….Amy, Maggie and Elaine, Dr. Wright in anesthesia, Lisa my post-op nurse, obviously Dr. Wing for explaining everything so well. I was very pleased with the entire experience.

Brenda S.


30 Nov

I arrived at 9 AM as instructed Nov. 30th for my colonscopy procedure.
I was amazed at how organized the whole procedure went and how helpful, thoughtful and considerate all the nurses were (Nurse Colleen and Jane, and Dr. Mujica). There were several other nurses, whose names I don’t recall.
Everything was well explained.

Pat S.


15 Nov

When I had my colonoscopy, I was ever so grateful for my nurses & doctor!
They were so nice and made me feel so comfortable, informed, happy, and many more things! They helped me out SO much! My nurses were Georgene, Elaine, Barb, Jean, and my doctor, Dr. Mujica, explained the situation and helped me with my diverticulitus and what to eat and how to treat it.

So thank you Covenant!  Connie O.

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