A Caring Staff

14 Jun

I have always received compassionate and exceptional care from the nursing staff at Covenant Medical Center during my cancer treatment in 2006 and follow-up procedures. I would like to thank Georgene, Connie, Barb and Kim for their care on June 8, 2010.

Sharon O.

Thanks to the Nuclear Medicine Department

9 Jun

I neglected to thank the awesome staff in the Nuclear Medicine Department. The first time I had a drug-induced stress test, performed several years ago at another facility, it caused me to be quite apprehensive prior to this procedure of recent.

I want to thank Marcella, Melanie, Michelle, and Jill for taking me through this with such ease. If the need arises, I have no qualms in doing this again at Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare’s Covenant Medical Center.

Thank you!

Charlotte R.

Auto Immune Disease

9 Jun

I was in the hospital for 17 days four years ago this month with a disease called Wegeners disease, which is an auto immune disease. It was one of the scariest and most humbling experiences of my life. I could not have asked for a better team of doctors and hospital staff anywhere else. My kidneys shut down so there was Dr. Slavin and Dr. Sarsfield (who performed the surgery to put in a port for dyalasis) to the rescue. I had pneumonia so there was Dr. Segal who was very kind (he is no longer at Covenant-he moved to Texas and I miss him very much). I would like to thank God, and all of my doctors for their kindness, caring, and concern. I felt like part of a big family. Thank you to Dr.’s Bernstrom, Riggs, Slavin, Segal, Sarsfield and Palma. Dr. Slavin once told me I had more doctors than the president of the United States. I still see him once a year and I think he is pretty amazed by my recovery because I was very sick. Thank you to the dyalasis team and all the technicians who performed all my xrays and tests. And thank you to the nurses, aides, and all the staff of the second floor – you were all wonderful and caring. I will never forget you. I can tell you that it has been four years and I am doing very well. I am in complete remission and have full use of my kidneys (no more dyalasis). I am off all my medications. You all did a super job – thank you! Lori M.

A Fantastic Staff at Wheaton Fransican

8 Jun

On May 7, 2010 I had a heart catheter procedure, my second in five years. At the age of fifty-four, I’m no spring chicken but I’m also not ready to head south. Having this second go around of problems was a bit unsettling, though I tried to hide concern.

I want to thank my family doctor, Dr. Mitchel Bernstrom, for his expertise and ability in pinpointing my physical problems-always. He initially discovered the problem with my heart. I also thank Dr. Bernstrom’s nurse Terry, who is always such a great help.

I want to thank my cardiologist, Dr. Richard Valente for immediately putting me at ease upon my first visit with him, and for his expertise in handling my heart issues. I knew from the first visit that I was in good hands.

In addition, I would like to thank Julie (RN) pre-admission testing; Lynn (RN)Cardiac Cath Lab; Renee (RN) Cardiac Cath Lab, and a special thank you to my post op nurse Lisa for the professional and compassionate care that I received during my stay for this outpatient procedure. I felt a unique bond with Lisa immediately, and I thank her for the wonderful care and for putting me at ease.

I want to thank everyone that I encountered that day because although I was a bit anxious. I felt respected, listened to, and supported. I was put at ease by the compassionate care of everyone.

I will certainly be referring anyone that I may encounter to the doctors and staff of Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare (Covenant Clinics and Hospital), which I have experienced to be the best!

God bless you all,
Charlotte R.

Knee Surgery

8 Jun

As soon as I heard that I had to have knee surgery it was a scary thought. I am 14 years old and I messed my knee up tearing the meniscus and my ACL. I went to the hospital on pins and needles and was so very nervous (the staff probably couldn’t tell, but if you only knew what was going on inside of me). I have to tell you that I really had nothing to worry about – everyone from the time I walked through the doors until I had my silly juice (I need some of that for home), and went to the operating room, I was made to feel special and everyone was super. I want to thank all of you – Sue, Elvira, Lisa, Josh, Hoh (anestegeologist…sorry that’s all I can remember of his name) and my doctor, Dr. Naylor, for helping make this bad experience into (I’m not saying pleasant) a memorable experience. Now when I come back next year to have my ACL repaired make sure that you have the silly juice ready!! Thank you all again. You are an awesome group of people.


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