Thank God for Nurses!

24 May

I was in last week for a small procedure that was monumental for me – so I could breathe better. Even though it was a short, small procedure, each nurse – Caryl in Pre-admission Testing; Nikki, my Admitting Nurse; and Danny, my Post-Op Nurse – made me feel special and well taken care of. I always knew what was happening and when – I felt safe and comfortable. Covenant should be so proud – and so should their families. Bless them all.

Thank You

11 Apr

I had a colonoscopy last Thursday, April 7. I would like to thank each and every person who had a part in my procedure. They made what might have been a very stressful experience much easier. Thank you all.


8 Apr

I had a colonoscopy done on 4/7/2016. The wonderful nurses and Dr. Mujica could not have made this a better experience. They all were wonderful!! Thanks to all of you.

Foot Surgery

16 Feb

This was my third foot surgery at Covenant, and this was a more complicated procedure than I had anticipated. My surgeon was Dr. Ron Cervetti and I had excellent care from him and the whole surgical team, as well as the skilled and caring nurses. Thank you Dr. Cervetti, Dr. Shockley, Margie, Paula, Sara, Melissa, and Sefika.

Surgery Success

25 Jan

I had a very good experience before and after surgery. My pre-op nurse was Stephanie and she explained everything in terms I understood. Michelle was my admitting nurse and made me feel comfortable and prepared me for what was ahead! I don’t remember my recovery room nurses very well as I was pretty sleepy but Chery and Babette did a great job. Susie made sure I was ready to go home and gave me the doctor’s instructions and sent me on my way!!

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