Son’s Ear Tubes

30 Aug

My almost two-year-old son had surgery to insert a tube into his ear drum. I had several surgeries as a child, and I had a terrible reaction to the anesthesia, so I was very anxious for my son. The nurses took their time explaining everything to me and reassuring me that they would take great care of him — and they did! They held him and talked to him like he was their own child. When they brought him back from the recovery room, they told me he never shed a tear! I was so relieved, and am incredibly grateful for their care. Thank you to the entire Ambulatory Surgery team!

Toe Surgery

26 Aug

On Wednesday, August 24 I had surgery on my toe to fix the hammer toe that was quite painful and causing me trouble walking. I just wanted to express my thanks to Dr. Cibula, all the nurses and surgical staff that attended to me. Everyone was very kind and concerned for my well being. To everyone I came in contact with and the people who called me at home before and after THANK YOU! Recovery so far is great. I can’t say enough about the kind treatment I received from everyone. Thank you all!

Skin Cancer Surgery

26 Aug

August 22 I went through surgery to remove malignant melanoma skin cancer from my lower left leg. Dr. McMahon performed the surgery and Dr. Jackson administered the anesthesia. Both doctors were very thorough and kept me well informed. Bedside manners of both was top notch. I can’t say enough for my nursing crew: Jenny, Jodi, and Denise who took great care of me and made sure I was comfortable and all my needs were met.

Thank you

11 Aug

On August 10 had both endoscopy and colonoscopy. I was so well cared for by Dr. Quander and Nurses: Stephanie, Georgene, Angie, Vickie, Jennifer, and Melissa. Thank you for your dedication, and giving such respectful care.

Foot Surgery

1 Jul

On June 20th had surgery to remove bone spur and callus. This surgery should have been done years ago. The nursing staff probably recognized that I was a nervous wreck. They were there to assure me everything was going to go well. Brent said he wouldn’t let anything happen to me and I felt that he wouldn’t. He introduced me to everyone on the surgical team. The chaplain, doctors and nurses let me call them by their first names so I would feel more comfortable. I’m doing well and waiting for stitches to be removed.

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