Surprise! Surprise!

5 Jan

No one ever plans to have an accident or to get hit by a car, but it happens anyway. Most of the time it happens to others and you pray that it doesn’t happen to you. In January 2004, after two days in a comma, I regained consciousness surrounded by a room full of strangers. Before the accident I had been humming "I woke up with my mind stayed on Jesus". Despite the first prognosis by some that I might not walk again, and a reply of "I thought that you had died" from a paramedic who had driven me to the hospital, the excellent care, knowledge and compassion of Dr. Richard Naylor, his staff, and the majority of the staff at Covenant, I am alive in a number of ways. Some of the staff have been very encouraging and treated me more like family than strangers. I have been encouraged and supported in a new business venture, "Eye of the Needle," and I am healthy again, walking and living life.

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