What "Great" is Made of.

When you need surgery, what do you look for when choosing a surgeon? Skill, depth of knowledge and breadth of experience are first and foremost. But what about those extra qualities – the kind that really differentiate one surgeon from another, and that make him truly great? Passion. Patience. A genuine talent for listening to you. Those are the qualities you’ll find right here in Waterloo, IA, with the Surgical Team led by Covenant Clinic Surgeons.

On the following pages, you’ll meet the surgeons who make up our Team. You’ll notice something they have in common: Working in collaboration, they share an unwavering dedication to searching out the best medical solutions for your needs and getting you back to living a full, healthy life. You’ll also meet many of the patients they’ve treated through surgery. Reading their stories can’t help but inspire and fill you with confidence and hope.

But most of all, if you have a story of your own, we invite you to share it . Because if any one of your neighbors here in Northeast Iowa is anticipating the type of surgery you’ve already experienced, nothing can help them more than reading your encouraging words.

The Surgical Team led by Covenant Clinic Surgeons. And you. That is “What ‘Great’ is Made of.”