Auto Immune Disease

9 Jun

I was in the hospital for 17 days four years ago this month with a disease called Wegeners disease, which is an auto immune disease. It was one of the scariest and most humbling experiences of my life. I could not have asked for a better team of doctors and hospital staff anywhere else. My kidneys shut down so there was Dr. Slavin and Dr. Sarsfield (who performed the surgery to put in a port for dyalasis) to the rescue. I had pneumonia so there was Dr. Segal who was very kind (he is no longer at Covenant-he moved to Texas and I miss him very much). I would like to thank God, and all of my doctors for their kindness, caring, and concern. I felt like part of a big family. Thank you to Dr.’s Bernstrom, Riggs, Slavin, Segal, Sarsfield and Palma. Dr. Slavin once told me I had more doctors than the president of the United States. I still see him once a year and I think he is pretty amazed by my recovery because I was very sick. Thank you to the dyalasis team and all the technicians who performed all my xrays and tests. And thank you to the nurses, aides, and all the staff of the second floor – you were all wonderful and caring. I will never forget you. I can tell you that it has been four years and I am doing very well. I am in complete remission and have full use of my kidneys (no more dyalasis). I am off all my medications. You all did a super job – thank you! Lori M.

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