I Received Great Care

5 Oct

Last week I was a patient at the hospital and I received great care! The nurses, from the time that I entered the emergency room until I was wheeled to my car, were the most caring and concerned that I think that I have ever encountered.

I had to have surgery and the nurses on the fifth floor in particular, Betty were angels. They showed great concern for the amount of pain that I was in and worked very hard to keep me comfortable and happy.

I also felt very fortunate that when I went into the emergency room it was about 10 minutes from a shift change and instead of letting me sit in pain until the new staff came on Brandy immediately helped me get comfortable and got pain meds on board to help relieve the pain that I was in.

I can’t say enough of how impressed that I was with the care that I received and have told many people just that!

Thank you,


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