All-Around Excellence

7 Jan

Coming from the land of hospitals (Iowa City/Cedar Rapids area), we are pleased every time we come to Sartori because we are never treated as numbers, statistics, or teaching cases. We are always treated as people, deserving patience, humility, and support. My recent surgery was to remove my gall bladder. First, the admitting nurse called me to be sure that we were safe because there had been a tremendous snow storm the night before. Upon arrival, everyone was conversational, friendly, and genuinely interested in getting to know my wife and me.

Karen was my pre-op nurse who took time to chat with my wife and me, not just throw in the IV and send me off. She was constantly checking on my comfort level and, even though things were a little behind, I never got the feeling that she was rushed or stressed. Further, Karen even stopped by after my surgery to check on me, even though she wasn’t assigned to me anymore.

Once I was transferred to the holding room, I met Emilie. She was boisterous, concerned with my comfort, and made sure my wife could sit with me until it was time to go to the surgical room. I never felt like she had to chat with us, and she answered my questions patiently and in a friendly way. She even made sure that transitioning to the surgical room was good by accompanying me and one of the operative nurses in, as well as helped to get me ready for the anesthesia. When in a situation where I could easily have just been passed from one person to the next, I was impressed with Emilie’s dedication and help, sticking by my side to ease the transition and keep me at ease.

Afterward, in recovery, I know I was in a great deal of pain and remember moaning and complaining at the gas pain a lot, but Lisa and Sue were wonderful. They were committed to helping my pain control and didn’t ever question how much agony I was in. They worked quickly, efficiently, and in a sympathetic way to try to expediate my recovery time comfortably, but I never felt rushed or in the way. Even though there weren’t other people in recovery to tend to, I felt like the attention and assistance I received was genuine!

After recovery, as I was moved upstairs to the very capable hands of Jill and Ali. They continued to monitor my vitals and pain levels and made sure things were under control before even talking about discharge. I was not easy in that regard because I wanted so badly to leave, but they were patient and kept me mentally occupied so that I wasn’t dwelling on leaving before my time. They did a great job of getting fluids and the most incredible peanut butter toast of my life into me to be sure I could handle nourishment before going home. I never felt rushed or like a prisoner, and their concern was always with my comfort and was realistic.

Over all, I love coming to Sartori because they treat me like an individual, not just a patient. Everyone I encountered stood out because everyone was friendly, interested in me and my family, and demonstrated incredible humanity. This is what health care should be: equal emphasis on health AND care.

Elbow Surgery

5 Jan

I arrived at Sartori Hospital for the removal of my bursa sack around 7:30 a.m. By 9:30 I went into surgery. Shortly after noon I was on my way home. In between all this I was treated with the utmost courtesy and sincere professional expertise by every person at Sartori that I met: Karen, Julia, Erin, the anesthesiologist, a couple other nurses whose names I can’t remember, as well as Dr. Eagan. I experienced everything I had hoped would happen – all expectations were met and exceeded.

Give them all a raise or a few extra days off. Thanks again.

Meniscus Knee Repair

29 Dec

I had surgery to repair my torn meniscus in my left knee on Monday December 22, 2014 at Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare. This was the first surgery I’d had there, or locally, for many years but was pleasantly surprised at the level of care provided me. From the moment I checked in at Admissions to the nurse/s taking care; the anesthesiologist visit; and the surgeon’s visit prior to surgery; I was shown a high level of care. Each one exemplified excellent patient care of which I will never forget. I was admitted afterward due to a reaction to either the pain medications or anesthesia. The nurse, Ashley, who was in recovery was very patient and accommodating 5 hours post surgery. Each nurse that cared for me from that point on was on top of their game. Upon my release, I did express to the nurse how pleased I was with the level of care I received at Wheaton Franciscan. I want anyone to know that whatever the reason they may go to Wheaton, they will receive top notch care. Many thanks to all of you and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year too! Ashley A.; Patty; Brent; Ashley S.; Brenda; Dr. Jason Stanford; Dr. Knudson.


19 Dec

I wish to formally thank Dr. Mujica, Holly, Jan, Tammi, Tina, Tauray, Debbie and Barb for making this procedure comfortable and efficient. I was in an out of the hospital in less than 2 1/2 hours and was treated in an awesome and respectful manner.

Thanks again!

Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

15 Dec

Everyone with whom I had contact (Brenda, PAT; Melissa & Beth, Pre-op; Susie, Post-op; Dr. Knudson & the anesthesiologist) were simply outstanding. Your goal of “to provide exceptional and compassionate care to each of our patients” was definitely met with me.

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