Meniscus Knee Repair

29 Dec

I had surgery to repair my torn meniscus in my left knee on Monday December 22, 2014 at Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare. This was the first surgery I’d had there, or locally, for many years but was pleasantly surprised at the level of care provided me. From the moment I checked in at Admissions to the nurse/s taking care; the anesthesiologist visit; and the surgeon’s visit prior to surgery; I was shown a high level of care. Each one exemplified excellent patient care of which I will never forget. I was admitted afterward due to a reaction to either the pain medications or anesthesia. The nurse, Ashley, who was in recovery was very patient and accommodating 5 hours post surgery. Each nurse that cared for me from that point on was on top of their game. Upon my release, I did express to the nurse how pleased I was with the level of care I received at Wheaton Franciscan. I want anyone to know that whatever the reason they may go to Wheaton, they will receive top notch care. Many thanks to all of you and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year too! Ashley A.; Patty; Brent; Ashley S.; Brenda; Dr. Jason Stanford; Dr. Knudson.


19 Dec

I wish to formally thank Dr. Mujica, Holly, Jan, Tammi, Tina, Tauray, Debbie and Barb for making this procedure comfortable and efficient. I was in an out of the hospital in less than 2 1/2 hours and was treated in an awesome and respectful manner.

Thanks again!

Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

15 Dec

Everyone with whom I had contact (Brenda, PAT; Melissa & Beth, Pre-op; Susie, Post-op; Dr. Knudson & the anesthesiologist) were simply outstanding. Your goal of “to provide exceptional and compassionate care to each of our patients” was definitely met with me.


12 Dec

I was very impressed with the nurses, they all were very nice and made me feel comfortable. The doctor was nice and explained everything that she was going to do.

Getting Through MS

21 Nov

I was recently diagnosed and treated for MS. I was put in the outpatient unit once a day for a week and everyone was so nice to me and helpful during my initial treatments. I’d just like to thank the nurses for their care and support during this difficult time in my life, anything I needed they were there for it. It’s scary enough to get diagnosed with MS a few days prior, and without a doubt did the staff help me through the first week, with the infusions and everything going on. I could not have asked for better folks to take care of me in my time of need.

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