9 Nov

I needed a yearly mammogram, bone skan, colonoscopy. Every thing was scheduled for the same day,very good, I arrived around 8:15,went to 4th floor,receptionist was extermely helpful in explaning medicare coverage for bone skan.Nurse made me feel very much at ease through both exams. Then went to 2nd floor, admitting nurse helpful in getting a ride home, i had forgotten i needed one, Everone was so friendly and professional and made the colon exam as comfortable as possible. Thank you to Chris, Georgina,Daina,Donna,and Julie also the nurse in mammorram area ,i didnt get her name, also Thank you to Dr. Mujica, he made me feel really at ease. WONDERFUL JOB!!


5 Nov

Although my experience and treatment on November 1 for an outpatient surgery was VERY positive, I especially would like to commend Theresa for the quick and easy IV placement. Some of my previous experiences have been much less than pleasant. Also, the girls from physical therapy were very nice and helpful with instructions on how to use crutches for my first time. Overall, my experience at Covenant would rate very close to a “10.” Thanks to all.

Chilectomy 10/24/12

29 Oct

I just wanted to take a minute to thank the ASU nurses who cared for me on Wednesday. They were incredibly kind and made all the difference before and after my surgery. This surgery was a last minute surprise for me and I had a lot of anxiety about the procedure and going home because I have a 9 week old daughter to care for. The nurses did a great job answering my questions and making sure I was relaxed and rested before sending me home with helpful tips. My nurses were Nancy and Jodi (pre-op) and Danny (post-op). I would also like to say that this is my second experience in the ASU and that both times I have received outstanding care and was treated so kindly and compassionately. I couldn’t be happier with my experience both times.


24 Oct

I was very pleased with my care before and after my surgery on Tues 23 Oct.The staff was very efficient and caring.Ashley S. before surgery and Lisa after surgery. It is a well run operation and I thank the entire staff.

Cataract Surgery

22 Oct

This morning, October 22, I had my first cataract surgery. Since I had never before had surgery on my eyes, I was a little uptight, not knowing exactly what was going to happen. Those who cared for me, however, were wonderful, in answering my questions, reassuring me, and being very gentle. Thanks a million to Julie, Sharon, Melissa, Sara, Paula, Elaine and Sofika, as well as all those behind the scene who helpd to make the experience at Covenant such a positive one. Blessings on your continued work ministering to others.

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