Knee Surgery

11 Jan

I would like to Thank all the great staff that took care of me, Brenda RN,preadnut testing,Beth RN admitting ,Molly b ,Patty s OR Nurses,Elvira RN Recovery Rm Nurse,Sue RN post-op Nurse.Donette LPN post op Nurse, Deb Tech. A Special THANK YOU to DR.Knudson and the Anesthesiologists,I sure hope I did’nt forget any one you were all great. THANKS Frank Strelow

Sartori Hospital staff

3 Jan

I don’t normally take time to do this. However I would like to let the staff and supervisors know how great they are. On 1.2.2013 I had surgery for a meniscus tear. Everyone was very helpful and caring.

Maribeth RN and Ali CNA made sure I was comfortable, well informed of what to expect so I was relaxed.

Nicole was friendly and also made sure I was well informed and comfortable in the holding room. Nicole and Michele helped in OR and for as long as I was awake were great.

Dr. Chris Egan was completely thorough and has always been friendly, a fantastic bedside manor.

I cannot say enough about the People at Sartori Hospital. They are like a large familly who make you feel like a part of the familly.

Thank you all!

wonderful nurses

7 Dec

I must say that I had two wonderful nurses at Covenant Medical Center. One was my Admit nurse Micole. Nicole was a very caring nurse who took wonderful care of me before my test, she made me fell comfortable. and very gental with putting in my IV. For being 5 am she had a big smile on her face. Thank you Nicole for taking care of me. My other thanks goes to my post op nurse. Jodi B. she also was wonderful with me. I have never seen two nurses with so much passion and caring of their patiences. they both took the time and the care of my needs. They are two of the most wonderful nurses that I have ever had at Covenant Medical Center. Thank you Ladies for your very caring hearts.


30 Nov

Our daughter had a lumbar puncture done on 11/29, and for obvious reasons, she was very scared. Her nurse, Donna, treated her with such compassion; she treated her as if she was her own child. Her and the anethesiologist, Dr. Naslenes, explained everything every step of the way; from opening the kit down to every part of the procedure. We felt very well taken care of! Thanks to both of you….

Great Care!!

26 Nov

I would like to say thanks to all the wonderful staff at Sartori. Special thanks to Dr. Stanford and the surgical team (Sabrina, Nicole, Kathy and all the surgical nurses)for the awesome care during my knee surgery on the 19th. Also Marj in pre-admissions for the call, Melinda (great IV and care),Linda and Mary Beth for the great care and help after my surgery. You are all EXCELLENT!!

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