Cataract Surgery

29 Nov

Earlier today I had cataract surgery at Sartori Memorial Hospital, and once again I was reminded of how fortunate we are to have our community hospital here in Cedar Falls. I learned that I was one of 15 people having this procedure today, and yet everyone, Dr. Mason, Dr. Avila, the nurses (Sabrina, Melinda, Ruth, Shary, Billie, Mary, Marcia, Jenny, Julie and Melissa) and all the staff with whom I came into contact treated me with the utmost concern, respect, and caring, and made me feel like I was their only patient for the day. Thank you all!

Great Care for Myelogram

9 Nov

The care I was given as an outpatient for a myelogram was professional yet friendly. I knew I was in good hands. Thanks Brenda, Deb, Colleen and especially Lisa, who made sure I was alright when escorting me out.

Fracture Repair

8 Nov

I want to thank everyone for making my foot surgery so easy! From the admission to pre-surgery tests, everyone was wonderful. I was confident in my care.

Surgery is stressful, but the nurses and doctors made it a breeze!

Thank you!


3 Nov

No one looks forward to a colonoscopy but it had to be done as recommended by my family physician, Dr. Kathleen Grauerholz. Dr. Mujica (with the bow tie) was totally professional and performed the procedure without incident. All my nurses were wonderful. I don’t remember all of their names but each made my experience – well, not enjoyable – but as comfortable as it could be under the circumstances. Thanks Dr. and nurses, Karen Steffens, Nicole Hershey’s mom, and each of you who helped.

Transvaginal Mesh Removal

3 Nov

I am very thankful for the wonderful care of Dr. Barb Weno and all of the nurses and even the humorous anesthetist in the clinic and the hospital. I had previously had two bladder repair surgeries with complications and longer than usual recovery, so I was terribly nervous about having this surgery to remove the mesh which had eroded through into the vagina. Dr. Weno and the nurses were totally compassionate in their understanding of my situation and helping me to understand every step and risk that might be encountered. My surgery on October 27, 2016 was successful and my recovery is going very smoothly. Thank you all so much. Some of the nurses who helped were Julie, Nicole, Elvira, Lisa, Christy and several others. I received the best care, aftercare and even follow-up phone calls to check on my well-being. Thank you also to my wonderful family physician Dr. Kathleen Graerholz for referring me to Dr. Weno.

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