Fears Erased With Such Great Care!

24 May

I had a severe ankle fracture 2 years ago in Atlanta, Georgia. The surgery was successful, however, 24 hours later I was in respiratory failure, then kidney failure, and nearly death for the next 12 days with septic shock (source of infection unknown but most likely from the operating room). While I did not know at the time what was happening to me, I was very close to death. I did survive but was hospitalized for over 40 days. Subsequently, my hip on the same leg as the ankle fracture started hurting over the past year. I was referred to Dr. Eagan for an evaluation. He stated arthritis had set in probably from the ankle fracture, and ultimately I would need replacement surgery. I was not ready for such a procedure due to my previous experience and opted to try cortizone injections which would give me some relief, and hopefully time to get over my fears. I was quite frankly scared going into the operating room just to be put to sleep for even five minutes. My experience at Sartori Memorial Hospital and Dr. Egan’s staff, was absolutely fabulous. This all started with a very caring nursing staff – Carla, Ann and Nancy. They all truly cared about me and made me feel comfortable. Dr. Eagan did the procedure, spoke to my father afterwards, and I was on my way home in less than an hour. I am truly grateful for this experience, and when the time is right, I will not have the fears of returning to an operating room!

I am ever so thankful to all at Sartori Memorial Hospital, even for a small procedure of a hip injection. Thank you!

My Experience as Out Patient at Covenant

18 May

On Monday, May 17th I was scheduled for Cataract Surgery, my first time. From the time I was admitted until I was released, my medical and personal needs were met. The staff, from Melissa who prepared me, Stephanie, Dr. Miller and anesthesiologist to Lisa who helped me finish up were very professional and did an excellent job.

Thank you!

Long Distance Caregiver

10 May

I live in Kansas City and try to keep up with my mother’s many health issues. This week we were informed that she may have cancer and tests were scheduled. The nurses at Covenant have been so warm and caring, not only caring for my mother, but really getting in touch with the family. I have experienced hospital care in Kansas City and never felt true caring. Their job was to follow medical protocol, not care for the people.

I can’t tell you how touched I am with the care given by your staff!!! Espcially our post-op nurse, Lisa.

Thanks so much for the medical care, but far above and beyond, the true emotional support your team provides.

Ear Surgery

28 Apr

I went in to have a tube taken out of my ear and a patch put on. Even though I was scared, the staff made me feel very at ease. If I had to pick a location for another surgery, it would be here.
Thank you. William

What a Wonderful Surgical Team

28 Apr

Dakota had to have his 1st MRI done at Covenant Medical Center on April 28th, 2010. He had the best experience a 6 year old boy could have. Wonderful nurses, Nancy was great to welcome him to his room and Melissa helped Dakota get ready. And then there was Lisa who made the end of his experience the best ever! Dakota was very happy with his appointment and loved all his nurses and the things they sent home with him.

Thanks with Love,
Dakota F.

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