Life Savers

16 Mar

Where do I begin? Last year was a very bad start for me. I was having lots of abdominal pain and nobody could figure it out. Dr.s Hodges and Glascock encouraged me to go back to where I had my origional bypass. That doctor only spent five minutes with me and told me that it was nothing.  I came back and Dr. Hodges suggested to my husband and me that the original bypass might be the trouble, but wasn’t sure why. I have spent nearly six months in and out of the hospital because of pain and vomiting. I had my bypass reversed after having it five years. I still have some trouble but nothing like before. I can now be a mom and enjoy life. Thanks to Dr. Hodges and all the staff.  Rhonda

Cataract Surgery was Excellent

16 Mar

The whole team who did my cataract surgery was excellent. Each had their own function and did it with great proficiency. Knowing what, where and when to do things makes patients feel safe and well cared for. Thank you.

Mary S.

Heartfelt Happiness

12 Mar

I would like to take a minute and thank the very professional staff that looked after me during my recent heart catheterization. Being only 46 years old made this somewhat of a stressful event for me and my family. From the minute I walked in until the minute I walked out, the care from the admissions nurses Carol, Theresa and Denise, the surgical team and Lisa in post op, was absolutely second to none and made this day a complete success. Thanks to all!

Best Regards – Brad L.

Time at the hospital

12 Feb

My wife came in for her colonoscopy and the nurses made it nice and easy for her the whole time. Great job goes out to Holly, Melinda, Carla, Amber & Kim. Thanks to Dr. Mujica also for the pleasant time at the Hospital…

There's no place like Sartori

26 Jan


I had the recent privilege of having surgery at Sartori and receiving care on Med-Surg for four days. Every “munchkin” (my affectionate term for all RNs, CNAs, student nurses, Lab techs, X-ray techs, OT, PT) along the path was professional, courteous and a great embassador for Sartori. They should be very proud of the care they give to their patients.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the Great OZ himself, Dr. Eagan. He truly is “a Wiz of a Wiz, if ever a Wiz there was.”

Thanks to all of you, and again……there’s no place like Sartori.

Jan S.

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