Treated Mom Great

5 Oct

My Mom took a pretty bad fall a week ago and had some relatively serious complications that involved surgery. She is in the intensive care unit at Covenant Medical Center and I just wanted you to know that all the nurses, doctors and support staff at Wheaton have been wonderful. Mom is receiving exceptional care. Our family is very grateful for the excellent care and treatment we have all experienced from the staff at Wheaton. Please pass our sincere gratitude on to everyone.

Thanks again,


Care From A Traffic Accident

5 Oct

I am writing a letter of thanks to you. First of all, we would like to inform you that we were still able to follow our plan and return to Japan together.

We fully appreciate your assistance and support to us when those of us that were injured in a traffic accident received care in your hospital on the 15th of October. In spite of being total strangers, you gave us your utmost attention and assistance.

We think that your hospital has the best system to receive a patient who is a stranger to your area. We felt comfortable and at ease during our examination. We also appreciate the help of the police, rescue personnel, firemen and Red Cross volunteers. Again we thank you very much!

Best Regards,

Ichiro T., DVM, PhD

Professor and Coordinator, Cooperative Research Center

Obihiro University of Veterinary and Agricultural Science

I'm proud to work with and serve with Dr. McMahon

29 Sep

I am fortunate to know Dr. McMahon as a colleague, as his patient and as a mission worker. Over the years, I have seen Dr. McMahon listen closely to nurses when they call with information about his patients. He demonstrates concern and caring as an appropriate plan of care is worked out between the nurse and doctor. I have also experienced that same compassion and understanding as a patient of Dr. McMahon’s. His kindness and sense of humor helps people manage through all kinds of situations. Lastly, I know Dr. McMahon as a person who lives to serve others, not only through his medical work, but also through his church. He has taken many trips to serve others throughout North America. I have worked with him to provide outdated medical equipment that will help improve medical care in some of countries where he has taken mission trips. I’m proud to work with and serve with Dr. McMahon.

Thank you to Dr. Naylor and staff!

29 Sep

My son was injured and we needed a physician to see him for a complicated open arm fracture. We were able to get into Dr. Naylor even though he was extremely busy. Dr. Naylor was very informative, gentle with my son, and had a new treatment plan that actually made sense. He was very detailed, wore gloves to examine his wound and took the time to answer all of our questions. He even gave us his direct cell phone number and encouraged us to call him at any time. He gave us clear directions as to what will happen next and plans to watch him very closely for an infection. Great communication among the staff, and the facility was clean and organized. The level of care at your hospital was so wonderful I nearly cried.

Thank you to Dr. Naylor and staff! Michelle W.

PS – Our second son needed to see Dr. Naylor for a leg fracture he suffered while playing football. He was not on call but, willing to see us immediately the following morning. Once again, he went above and beyond. He always exceeds our expectations!! We will continue to always return to Dr. Naylor for any ortho care needed by our family and would/do strongly recommend him and his staff to our family and friends.

Dear Dr. McMahon

25 Sep

Once again, you are an “important” man in our lives. A couple of years ago when you did our daughter’s first surgery, God used you, and I never really thanked you. You came out after the surgery and after telling me the bad news, you prayed with me. You will never know what that meant to me. You took a risk; you did not know that God was real in my life, but you let God lead you. He did indeed put you in our lives at a very difficult time, and here we are again (maybe not bad this time).

Thank you and thanks for letting God use you!

In Christ,

Cindy S.

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