Sinus Surgery

28 Jun

After suffering for several years with reoccurring sinus infections I decided it was finally time to consider Dr. Burgman’s recommendation for sinus surgery. I knew only two things going into the surgery and that was; 1) I felt extremely confident in the care of Dr. Burgman and 2) this surgery was probably going to be painful. What I did not expect was the great care I would receive from all the other staff I would come into contact with preceding, during and after the surgery.

While preparing for surgery, both Dr. Burgman and my anesthesiologist Dr. Avila, explained to me what was expected and answered any questions or concerns I had. Along with my admitting nurse Theresa, I could not have felt more ready and comfortable. In what seemed like a very short period, the doctors and nurses were ready for me.

Coming out of surgery things were a little foggy but I will not forget the fact that I always had someone at my side. While I am grateful for all the nurses who were in surgery with me (Amy, Jodi, Sarah, and Leasa), I will always remember how comforting it felt to have Linda standing at my side while waking up. I am not sure I ever had the opportunity to thank her for never leaving and assisting me while I struggled to gain my sense of awareness.

When I was transferred into my room, I met yet another nurse who completely convinced me that there is no better place to go for great care. My post operation nurse, Lisa, was so helpful and appeared to have nothing better to do than make sure my every need was met. Lisa was exactly the kind of nurse most would hope for, but rarely find. Having had several major surgeries prior to this one, I am certain she was the best I have ever worked with. She brought cold cloths for my forehead, a fan, tissues, she cleaned any mess I made promptly, reassured me that all would be fine and probably many more things I was completely unaware of due to my state of awareness. If I every have surgery again, I would defiantly like to request Lisa because there are few others like her.

Most Sincerely,
Brian C.

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