Superior Experience at Covenant

23 Sep

It was 6;10am when we stepped out of the elevator to cheerful greeting at check-in, seconded only by admission nurse Colleen’s friendly shepherding of us to my out-patient stall, where every personal detail was tended to, including a cup of coffee for my husband. Members of the surgical team gathered and took my residual questions. When Dr. Kane came in, a gratifying chorus of laughter went up at the cartoon I’d prepared and brought out for the occasion.. My op nurse Jill coached Colleen’s perfectly painless IV set-up, and precisely as scheduled, at 8:00am.I was wheeled into the OR. I briefly met the stand-in anesthesiologist , Dr. Gau, and fell into a deep and unremembered sleep.
I awoke a few hours later, and as soon as nurse Nikki could manage completing my paperwork, she accompanied us down to the car.. I felt fine, and have needed no pain meds at all.
I feel I received care and attention easily equal to what one expects at smaller hospitals, and that the achievement of so well-meshed surgical teamwork may in this case be attributed to the standard insisted on by the physiciian in charge of the procedure., Ronald Kane.
This is the second superior experience I’ve had at Covenant. The Wound Clinic offers outstanding support as liaison between patient and physician.. Its staff is experienced and highly trained, available twenty-four hours a day.

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